Take your time and park for free. Spend time with us at C. Middleton Antiques,  and  enjoy the other shops and eating experiences on 17th Street.

Antiques and Uniques

C. Middleton

Our Antique store is in a wonderful old building with a lot of character that lends to the charm and enjoyment of your shopping experience.  You will not find that commerical crowded booth feel at C. Middleton, Antiques and  there is free parking both in front and in the parking lot located directly behind our store.

‣   Photographs and vintage paper goods

‣   Vintage Decor and Lamps

‣   Vintage Clothing and Hats

Our Antiques Dealers love antiques and it shows in the care they take with restoration if needed and then the display of their finds for you to purchase.  We are sure that you will be able to find something that brings a smile to your face and maybe a place in your home.


We believe and understand all antiques are important and have great value. So, when we find a wonderful piece,  we can't help but see the potential. Our philosophy is to never let them perish, but to hope they can find a second life in a new place or with a new purpose. Antiques should be loved and enjoyed.

We love antiques!!

‣    Antique Furniture - Primitive to 70's

Inventory changes daily

Antiques & collectibles

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Preserving our history

Shelving classics

We  have shelves, match with great old editions >

Antique rarities

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Monday 11:00-3:00

Tuesday - Saturday 10:00-5:00

Sunday 1:00-5:00


Phone: 402-477-1331


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Aged mechanics

Clocks, old radios, phonographs, camera equipment>

Office traditionals find new uses

Old desks become computer stations, tables from the past hold flatscreens>


‣  Textiles, handiwork and Quilting

‣   Works of Art  and Uniques

‣   Pottery and Antique jewelry

We have an unwavering philosophy of caring for antiques, and we want our antique store to provide the venue for others to find the perfect item to add the warmth that antiques provide..